Make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities by supporting them.


Educational Program

As part of the protocol signed with the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, the Istanbul Dialogue Museum sees schools as spaces where universal, national, and spiritual virtues are internalized along with life skills that add value and happiness to each of our children. Our priority is to establish a new understanding of education that values the spirit of the times in the new century with the collaboration of all actors, NGOs, and other organizations related to education, in line with the goal stated in the Ministry of National Education’s 2023. In this context, the following activities offered by the Istanbul Dialogue Museum are recommended for all schools:

● The Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in the Silence activities, which will provide students with awareness and knowledge about the lives of visually and hearing-impaired individuals who serve as their guides,

● Learning to use their senses other than visual and auditory senses,

● Developing empathy and awareness,

● Improving their listening skills.

The experiences offered by the Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in the Silence activities will help students push their boundaries, increase their individual and social awareness, discover their potential, develop problem-solving skills through experiential learning, and promote openness and tolerance. It will also serve the purpose of helping them understand the meaning of “disability” and to respect individuals with disabilities. Students who start to know themselves better through the experiences in the museum will also benefit in the development of their emotional intelligence.


To get information about school groups visiting, you can send an e-mail to or write to our WhatsApp line at 0506 585 75 50. 

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